Grass-fed Lamb with Mint

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Our Lamb with mint treats are handmade and delicately air-dried in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Made with 60% lamb finished with sweet potato and mint, like all of our products, these treats are curated using exclusively human-quality meats. We specifically select premium ingredients which not only taste delicious but contain higher vitamin levels, this is true of the all-natural, grass fed lamb pieces we use in our Lamb with mint recipe. Lamb contains just the right amount of dietary fat, a necessary component to support your dogs growth and overall health. Our luxury lamb pieces are loaded with omega fatty acids, essential in keeping your dogs coat shiny and soft.

Like people, all dogs are different and have different dietary needs depending on their metabolism and activity level. One to two pieces a day as part of a balanced diet. Safe for puppies.

Hand-made, delicately air dried using traditional methods in the heart of Yorkshire.

Our grass-fed Welsh Lamb recipe uses the lamb heart exclusively providing superb nutritional benefits and great taste. Sourced from the heart of Shropshire where the lambs are able to roam freely amongst the luscious, green and hilly pastures of Wales, able to feed on their natural grass-fed diet. All our suppliers are Red Tractor and BRC accredited producers with some of the highest Animal Welfare Standards in the world. It really doesn’t get better than this!

We are members of OPRL (the On-Pack Recycling Label) organisation which promotes simple and clear recycling messaging across all packaging components in the UK. Our pouches are created using a PE/PE-based film meaning that it is 100% recyclable

Lamb (60%), dried sweet potato, vegetable glycerine, dried mint

Crude Protein 15.2% Crude Fat 15.8% Crude Ash 3.4% Crude Fibre 2.1% Moisture 24.4%

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