Can dogs eat Bananas?

Can dogs eat bananas?


What are the details? Can my dog eat the skin?

It’s preferable for your dog to have a peeled banana however there’s nothing toxic in banana peels so don’t panic if your furry friend has gobbled one. Basically, they don’t digest easily because of their high fibre content, which might cause blockage in the digestive tract. Look out for stomach upsets however if your dog does eat a banana peel, they should be absolutely fine.

When it comes to serving size, well this all depends on the breed of dog, age, weight etc. But in simple serving terms; peel it, cut it into an appropriate size and share the treat with your pup. Bananas are safe to consume for dogs but in moderation, just like most things. Bananas are a rich source of fibre, potassium, vitamin b6 and vitamin c. They are also low in sodium and cholesterol!

Can puppies eat bananas?

Yep, bananas are safe for puppies. About 2-3 slices of banana a day is about the right amount to feed your pup. 

So can my dog enjoy my delicious banana bread I’ve baked or not?

Kind of, yeah! In moderation as a treat. However, be careful not to give your dog banana bread if they have allergies to wheat or are sensitive to grains.  

Warning: Don’t feed your dog banana breads that include chocolate or raisins! Raisins can be fatally toxic for dogs, as can chocolate.